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Plays and Pantomimes

Viv Wilkes has been writing and directing for the amateur stage for many years.  A common problem for amateur companies is the lack of strong roles for women, particularly, (how can we say this) for women with many years experience of drama!  With this in mind, Viv Wilkes has several original  pantomime-style plays and adaptations with strong female roles, available for use by amateur groups at reasonable cost for one photocopiable script.  
The productions have many smaller roles for chorus members and there are roles for children, although these may be omitted or adapted for adults.   Songs have been suggested but others may be substituted.   The plays include details of ultra-violet (black theatre) scenes, if required.

Original Productions

A TASTE OF THE ORIENT  (published by Lazy Bee Scripts)
The Little Town of Linga Longa is in the throes of its tea tasting festival overseen by the Lady Flour Face special envoy to the Empress.  Madame Sockitoa and Madam Infusia are rivals in the competition to find the best tea in china and in order to decide which one is the winner they are sent to the Island of Tati B'hai by the dastardly Earl Grey, to find the mythical two-handled teapot of the Red River Demon.  They travel in the Tea Clipper belonging to Captain Paddy Fields accompanies by Long Pong, newphew to Lady Flour Face and Hu Flung Dung, Gardener to the Empress.   He  is searching for Princess Rosy Lee who has run away, looking for adventure after becoming fed up with the many restrictions she lives under at court.
When there is a blue moon  strange events occur and they certainly do in the workshop of Father Christmas  when the brave decision is made by some of the broken and discarded toys  to rescue the Spirit of Christmas stolen by the Demon of Deep Water.  It is essential the rescue is successful for if not, 'there might not be a Christmas next year.'  The toys are led a merry dance around the world as they, together with the audience solve riddles in order to bring the story to a satisfactory conclusion and save Christmas for another year.
Country Bumpkin Boo Meringue enters a competition on the back of a cereal packet and wins a trip into space. Accompanied by his Mother,  Ma Meringue, an aged grandparent, and his long suffering girlfriend, Strawberry, he travels on the starship "Whatasurprise" under the leadership of Captain Slog and together they visit several out of this world destinations with several surprising results.
The three witches Ordata, Mildew and Allium have their spells stolen by Idleands, servant of Miss Chief who has taken over The Underworld from Old Nick.  Totally without power or funds, the witches obtain jobs as chargirls at the palace of King Peter the Pretty Awful.  Queen Rita, his sister,  has actually advertised for fresh gargoyles but this understandable mistake involves the witches with the problems the Queen faces because of the bad temper of the King.  Through the King's iinsulting behaviour, Giant Podd the Odd Bod has kidnapped the King's son and imprisoned him inside a picture.
A modern interpretation of the traditional nursery rhyme in which Wysiwyg the one o'clock mouse is kidnapped by thugs who misinterpret Avatar's orders to obtain a new mouse for her computer.  Avatar is the estranged wife of the Weaver of the Tapestry of Life who with the colours of the rainbow creates the stories and nursery rhymes that children love. As Avatar's web of power grows, the Weaver's powers fail and the colours start fading from his tapestry.  Evil is eventually overcome by the automata of the one o'oclock clock who are trapped on the outside when the clock stops.
(Royalties ae payable to the publisher.  Email:
King Hassenpfeffer of Diamonds agrees that the Joker may marry the Princess of Diamonds, only if the Joker is successful on a quest to solve the problems in the three other Kingdoms badly ruled over by his brothers, King Rangdoodle of Clubs, King Saratoga of Diamonds and King Lamebrain of Spades.
References in the text need modernising.  The author's share of Royalties are donated to Acorns Childrens' Hospice in Birmingham.
These productions contain local references and items that will need modifying or updating by companies using the scripts.  The plays have many roles for chorus and there are roles for children although these may be adapted for adults.
Other original plays include:
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
A Right Royal Pack of Nonsense *
The Shelf People (a one-act play for children)
Adaptations include:
The Snow Queen
The Pied Piper
Pilgrims Progress


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