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Tales from Moseley Bog


Moseley Bog inspired Tolkien but it was a City Park Ranger that started the train of thought that prompted the idea for the children's story 'The Voles of Old'.    The conservation group were working in Moseley Bog and we took time out to look for signs of water vole.  The investigation was inconclusive but as beams of sunlight speckled the ground, the seeds of a story were sown.

Tales from Moseley Bog   
The Voles of Old
Chapter One
A Mysterious Creature

A very hot day! A storm was creeping nearer.  I could feel it in my nose.  The air shimmered over the open field dazzling my eyes whenever I looked up, and the heat pressing down on my back felt as though it would melt my body and leave me lying like a puddle on the hard earth.  There was no breeze to cool me down.   The dry seed heads delicately hanging from the top of grass stalks did not move.   Even the wavy hair grass was still.  So was I, although I should have started back to my den, to get there before the storm broke.  With my tail tucked in to my side, I thought I was hidden from watching eyes, but nevertheless I didn't twitch a muscle!  Not a whisker!  Crouched beneath a thick clump of nettles, I knew my fur colour blended in with the dry earth and pebbles around me.  My life depended on how still I kept, and I was good at keeping alive. So far!    

          I was peering
                                                   Great Steps into the gloom of the Old World where the sun barely reached...........

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